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Healthy Mitochondria for Vital Energy

No matter what age you are – you can and will benefit from Healthy Mitochondria – the core provider of energy and healthy functioning cells, tissues, organs, and body. If your are fatigued, overweight, depressed, sick, or any combination of these  – you most likely have dysfunctional Mitochondria. Take charge of your health and transform your cells to “Healthy Mitochondria for Vital Energy”.

Even if you are experiencing good health – you want to take care of your mitochondria to prevent problems in the feature. The proper management and care of your mitochondria is so important to the proper functioning of our body – everyone can benefit from this article – Healthy Mitochondria for Vital Energy

Healthy Mitochondria for Vital Energy - View of Mitochondria

If you want to learn more about what mitochondria is and how it effects the functioning of our body – read the following article Metabolic Mitochondrial to get a better understanding of your mitochondria.  Once you have read the article – come back to the next section. Or,if you want to read on, lets get started.

Creating Healthy Mitochondria for Vital Energy

Your brain, heart, muscles, liver, pancreas,  and other metabolically active organs contain thousands of  \mitochondria within the cells of metabolically active organs. Think about this:

“You have billions of mitochondria that make up over 10 percent of your total body weight.  These are the power generators for most of the processes that take place in your body.  It they are not functioning properly –  then neither is your body nor are YOU.

In our day to day life, our mitochondria can easily becomes dysfunctional – which means they are not producing the level of energy they should be producing for our optimal vitality and health.  This will happen for the following reasons:

  • The very process of creating energy: Creating energy in the cells and mitochondria produces a by-product called free radicals. A proper functioning  mitochondria will clean up these free radicals.  But a dysfunctional mitochondria are not able to do their job and this starts creating disruptions and sickness in our cells and body
  • Aging:. From the age of 30 forward into aging,  your mitochondria is more easily impacted by all the reasons on this list
  • Inflammation within Your Body: It plays a key role in damaging and killing mitochondria within the area of inflammation
  • Poor Food Quality: Overly processed and refined foods.
  • Over Eating and Eating too many times within a day
  • Lack of Exercise or Over Exercising
  • Toxins from Your Environment
  • Too Much Stress in your Life

All of the above conditions can lead to the dysfunction and deterioration of your mitochondria, which effects the energy production from your cells, and the functioning of your body.  Healthy Mitochondria for Vital Energy requires you to attend to your mitochondria daily. 

Steps to Healthy Mitochondria for Vital Energy

Healthy Mitochondria for Vital Energy- walking in flowers

The early you start taking care of your mitochondria, the better you feel  and the slower your body ages. It requires you to pay now with attention and time.  The cost is much less, then waiting until you become obese, fatigued, and sick.  Support the full function of your mitochondria with the following steps:

I am going to provide you with some general information here on the steps, then write a more in-depth article on each of the steps:

  1. Eat Healthy Whole Foods – Eat locally and organically food whenever possible.  Remove most sugars, grains, and legumes from your diet. All 3 create Inflammation, mess with the proper functioning of your Metabolic Hormones  and many other hormones. They do not do your Mitochondria well
  2. Eat No More Than 3 Times a Day – During a 6 to 8 hour Window – Restricting your calories to a window of 6 to 8 hours with no more than 3 times during that window gives your mitochondria time to manage its environment and heal.  Your  mitochondria are happier, more productive, and healthier – and so are you
  3. Use the HIIT Exercise Program – High-Intensity Interval Training is a excellent way to exercise your body and improve the functioning of your mitochondria at the same time.  You do the program 3 times a day for 3 minutes each time.  That is a total of 9 minutes a day.  It works.  See the following for step to doing  HIIT Video
  4. Increase your Consumption of Omega-3 Fatty Acids – They will help build your Mitochondria membranes.  Make sure you eat wild-caught fish like salmon. The best is from Alaska.
  5. Don’t Avoid Healthy Saturated Fats – Your brain and mitochondria function better  when you have saturated fats in your diet.  Try organic virgin Coconut Oil or Grass-feed Butter.
  6. Avoid Polyunsaturated fats from Most Vegetable Oils – They are high in Omega-3  fatty acids, are overly processed, and go rancid very easily.  Think of them as Frankenstein oils. They will make your mitochondria, and body lethargic and sick
  7. Reduce the Toxins in your Life – Again, eat local and organic when possible.  Remove toxic products from your work, home, and life
  8. Reduce Stress and De-stress Daily –  Work at removing stressful situations were possible.  De-stress your body throughout the day.  Try some meditation and relaxation exercises,  Take a walk – slow the walk down and get in touch with the environment

You can’t stop the aging of your mitochondria and body.  Life is going to happen. But, you can take control of the decisions and choices that you make moment to moment.  Choose to take good care of your mitochondria  and body – start achieving Healthy Mitochondria for Vital Energy.

Read more about your mitochondria  – Mitochondrial Health and the Right Fats

Happy Vital Force Alive