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Metabolic Mitochondrial Therapy - Fat for Fuel

When I was doing some research on Insulin Resistance (IR) and Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), I accessed an article on Metabolic Mitochondrial Therapy in relation to my  own problems with IR and T2D.  I must admit I have been having difficulty with my blood glucose doing great at first, then moving higher again, even when I didn’t change my food on a paleo diet, low  carbohydrates diet, and even a keto diet.

The topic in Fat for Fuel both excited and gave me hope that I may find not just answers, but solutions to my problems. What really drew my attention was the chapters on Mitochondria and Metabolic Mitochondrial Therapy. So, I pre-ordered the book – “Fat for Fuel”, by Dr. Joesph Mercola. The book arrived when I was away toward the end of May 2017.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed – It was everything i hope for and more.  It address the Mitochondria in our cells – how they get damaged and how to heal them.  It combine the best of Paleo and Keto into a unified system for a healthy body and mind.  The Fat for Fuel book calls this system  Metabolic Mitochondrial Therapy.

One of the major goals of Fat for Fuel  and Metabolic Mitochondrial Therapy is to change our fuel for the body from a glucose burner to a fat burner. Fat burning for fuel fine-tunes the fuel that feeds the Mitochondria. The by-product of being fat adapted is mental clarity, more energy, and healing of many chronic conditions of the body. When we nourish and heal our Mitochondria, our whole body benefits.

Metabolic Mitochondrial Therapy is not a one size fits all.  The book helps you pick the right path for your needs.  It provides three up-ramps to the Fat for Fuel  highway.  You can enter at the up-ramp that best meets your starting place and needs. Since I have been practicing paleo for over a year and Keto for 2 months,  I pick on-ramp 2. It was something I felt I could do that would move me toward healing my obesity,  Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin resistance.

I started the program on May 26, 2017 and today – May 31. 2017 is my 6th day. I have lost 4 lbs, my blood glucose has came down, but spike yesterday but my fasting this morning came down below 100 mmol/L. I learned that I was eating too much protein and have cut my protein back.

I Recommend Fat for Fuel 

Here is why I recommend this book:

  1. It has been peer reviewed by Nutritional Hero’s in the field: Dr. Ron Rosedale MD; Thomas Seyfried Ph.D; Mark Hyman MD; Dr. David Perlmutter MD,;Jason Fung MD;Miriam Kalamian Ed.M., MS, CNS;Jeanne A Disko MD; Dan Pompa DC; and More
  2. Clear information and instructions to optimize your mitochondrial function for better health
  3. Powerful How To:
    1. Turn your body into an effective fat burning machine
    2. Develop long-lasting energy and stamina
    3. Increase your brain functions

I could go on and on, but here are two great   a article at to read –  Basic Introduction to Metabolic Mitochondrial Therapy and article about the book – FAT FOR FUEL.

I am very happy with this book and will write more about my experience.